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How to Use the HTML5 Vibration API

indexUsers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to access the web. As of December 2013, one in every five web visits is from a mobile device. If your website or app is mobile-aware, that figure could be far higher.
Development for multiple devices has its challenges, but there are also possibilities which aren’t typically available on desktop PCs. Consider the vibration mechanism; it’s a simple tactile feedback device which can alert you of new messages or phone calls. It’s especially useful in a noisy environment where sound cannot be heard or quiet places where it would be a distraction.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could use vibration in your application?…

  • Walking directions could be indicated using one vibration for left, two for right.
  • The phone could vibrate in a certain way when an event occurs or you’re close to someone.
  • You could send secret messages in vibration-based morse code!
  • A game could be enhanced by vibrating when you crash or are hit by a missile.

That’s exactly what the HTML5 Vibration API allows you to do!  red more